Thursday, April 18, 2013

CogsCon Prep

I find myself madly prepping for CogsCon, the convention put on by my school, Cogswell.  I will be selling a few exclusive books, such as a pre-release of Unusual Tuesdays’ Chapter 2, a matching re-print of chapter 1, as well as an anthology of the comics I’ve done in the past year.  In that will be Snake, Playing Dead, Dead Hand Used Bookstore, Franky, Sky Bleu, Little m, and “Too Many Monsters”  There may also be a little bit of art in there as well.
Because of the anthology I find myself in need of some covers, so I’ve started making some.  Below is the Thumb for Sky Bleu, But I will also be making one for Snake, Dead Hand, and Sky.  The others have some covers but if I feel fancy I might make them some new ones.

Sky Bleu Sketch

I got to go to WonderCon not all that long ago.  It was great fun and I handed out a bunch of portfolios.  :) maybe soon I’ll be making other people’s comics!

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